Email Service Integration Supports ‘Tagging’

This is a major update in email service integration inside ProductDyno. Now, you have the ability to add or remove tag(s) to any contact inside your email service on auto-pilot. This feature opens the door to integrate more supported email services.

Introduction To Speed Control Option Inside Video Player

Who is not aware of the video speed control feature in popular video sites? There are times when your customers want to speed up the video to save time. We received a lot of requests from our customers to introduce the speed control feature in our video player. The wait is over and now ProductDyno’s video player provides the speed control option. In addition to adding the speed control option, we have made performance improvements as well.

Enhanced Public/Auth Pages - ‘Default’ Theme

We have enhanced the functionality to one of our themes - ‘Default’. With this update, it offers the ability to add a banner on ‘Public/Auth’ pages e.g; Login, Register, Forgot Password. You do not need to worry about your existing ‘Products’ or ‘Collections’ that are using this theme since this is a smart update and it will keep working as it was before if you do not want to use enhanced features.

Ability to Remove the 'Exported Members' File

Many of you have been requesting the ability to remove the 'Exported Members' file from your Product or Collection, once you have downloaded the file and do not need it online anymore.

Avoiding Confusion With Auto-Generated Passwords

ProductDyno sends a Welcome Email whenever a new member is added to your Product or Collection. It was brought to our notice that people are having difficulty reading some of the confusing characters.

From now on, we will not include these confusing characters in any of the auto-generated passwords. These confusing characters are 'O, 0, I, L, i, l'.

Wasabi Integration

With this update, ProductDyno brings the native Wasabi integration to you.

Wasabi integration was a long-awaited request from our customers. Wasabi Storage is enterprise-class, tier-free, instantly available and allows you to store an infinite amount of data affordably. It is an alternative solution to Amazon S3 without being heavy on your pocket.

Learn more about Wasabi:

Signature Theme Fixes

We have made several fixes in our Signature Theme. These issues were reported by our customers.

Wordpress Plugin Updated to Support 5.3

If you are planning to upgrade your Wordpress based website to the newly released 5.3 version, rest is assured that ProductDyno's Wordpress plugin is fully compatible with it.

Clone a 'Collection'

This new feature allows you to clone your 'Collection' along with all of the existing products and customized settings.

Restricted IPs / Emails

Introducing the much-needed feature where you can restrict members by their IPs and emails.

Restricted By Email: Members with restricted emails will not be able to login/register for any of your Products/Collections. They will be redirected to an error page instead.

Restricted By IPs: Visitors with restricted IPs will not be able to view your login/register pages for any of your Products/Collections. They will be redirected to an error page instead.

Error Page: You can always customize the error page message according to your need.