Free and Paid Trial Support

ProductDyno now supports the free and paid trial. You can enable the trial to your subscriptions in just a single click. To allow a free trial, enter the amount as zero.

Multi Currency Support Available

We are happy to introduce multi-currency support for Stripe and PayPal. You can now select the 'Currency' from the dropdown while creating a Stripe or PayPal Payment Gateway.

Checkout Coupons

Generate as many coupons as you want to give your customers special discounts. You can create different types of coupons based on the amount or percentage discount. Create scarcity using the maximum redemption and dates feature.

Preview LMS Modules Inside Content Designer

We have added the LMS modules preview inside the 'Content Designer' for your convenience. Now you can get a visual idea of how the modules will be displayed to your actual login members. All the LMS modules inside 'Content Designer' contains fake data.

Learn more about LMS:

Advanced Members Export

We have improved the members export feature. Now, you can apply the advanced search filters and export the members that fall within your search criteria.

Deleted Product Inside Collection

When a product is deleted it goes to 'Archive'. And technically it should not be visible inside any active Collection. But we found that archived products do not become hidden. We have fixed this issue to prevent showing the deleted product inside the Collection.

Hide Progress Tracking From 'Welcome' Section

The Progress Tracking components are no more visible to your Welcome content if you mark the content as 'Exclude From Sections'. This removes the confusion and the member's overall progress is calculated using the rest of the content of your Product.

Learn more about LMS:

Preferred Timezone

We have added the timezone option under "My Account". Currently, it is utilized by the Coupons' start & end date. In future, this will be used as your timezone under different reports and other features.

Fixed Remaining Days Shortcode

We identified and fixed a bug related to the Drip Content shortcode. It was not showing the correct remaining days.

Members API Method - Sync

Introducing the new 'sync' API method for members. This method adds the members to your Product/Collection; if the member does not exist or updates the existing member record.

You can learn more about it inside the developer documentation at:

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