Introducing W.O.M.B.A.T Add-On

Running a successful referral marketing campaign for memberships has always been a complicated and expensive task (relying on clunky integrations with 3rd party software). But not anymore! ProductDyno’s W.O.M.B.A.T. add-on makes it easy and fun to fill your site/s with new members using viral sharing and incentivized rewards…

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Introducing ProductDyno LMS

Boost engagement, track & evaluate your students’ progress and build a strong community around all of your products and training with this powerful integrated add-on module for ProductDyno.

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WordPress Plugin Updated to Support 5.7

We have updated our plugin to make it supported up to the latest released version of WordPress 5.7

‘Signature’ Theme New Features

Now you can add up to 10 footer links in the Signature theme, previously 3 footer links were allowed.

Also, you can now upload the banner for your Login, Register, Forgot Password, and Reset Password pages. You can also have the option to upload the separate logo for the public auth pages and you can hide the logo on the public pages.

ProductDyno Uptime Status Update

We have launched the uptime status for ProductDyno Website and ProductDyno Application. Now you can always check the current status of the ProductDyno website and application here:

System Upgradation and Enhanced Security

We have upgraded our system to the latest development technologies and also enhanced the system security to serve you better and protected.

SendGrid Integration

Delivering your marketing emails through the world's largest cloud-based email delivery platform. Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, SendGrid can handle your important emails.

Copy & paste your API key inside your ProductDyno account and you are done.

Learn more about SendGrid:

Campaign Refinery Integration

CampaignRefinery is an email marketing automation tool that does everything you need to properly clean and manage your list to hit the inbox consistently. ProductDyno brings you the simplest integration between two services.

Copy & paste your API key inside your ProductDyno account and you are done.

Learn more about Campaign Refinery:

reCAPTCHA Protection on Public Pages

We’re excited to announce that we have integrated reCAPTCHA to secure the public pages, integrating the reCAPTCHA will help us to prevent abusive traffic, bots signup, and spamming without user interaction.

reCAPTCHA runs adaptive risk analysis in the background to alert our system of suspicious traffic while legitimate members will be able to login, access to their content, or create accounts and enjoy a frictionless experience on your content while fake users/bots will be blocked.

JS Conflict Issue Fixed - Wordpress Plugin Updated to Support 5.5.1

We found an issue with the JS conflict. Our team had fixed the issue and made a few more code improvements that might not be noticeable.

Also, if you are planning to upgrade your WordPress based website to the newly released 5.5.1 version, rest is assured that ProductDyno's WordPress plugin is fully compatible with it.

We recommend updating the WordPress plugin to the latest version.